Top 3 Trees For Shade In the Summer

November 4, 2021

Shade is important in the summer to avoid injury and ensure that your time outside is worth spending. An Omaha landscape company can help you plant a tree in your outdoor area to provide shade and a comfortable place to hang out outside during the summer seasons. One of the things you have to decide though, is the tree that is right for you and your lawn.

Listed below are the top 3 trees, recommended by a landscape company for your Omaha home:

Red Maple Trees

Maple trees are a classic staple of autumn designs due to their red coloration in the fall, but actually have quite big and green leaves during the summer. Most Omaha landscaping companies refer to these trees because of their fast growth and large leaves that will help shade and cool your home in the hot summer months.

American Sycamore

The American Sycamore is extremely popular among Omaha landscapers trying to shade homes and yards because of the large cover it provides. The tops of these trees provide a great cover for your area and turn a beautiful gold in the fall months. It is also a very adaptable tree, doing well in many climates and soil types. It also grows extremely quickly, with a 6 foot annual gain you will have a tree very soon after planting.

Weeping Willows

Weeping willows are the perfect shady tree for your yard. Omaha landscape companies recommend it because of their long, swooping branches and leaves, providing shade and cover even when the sun is not directly overhead. Weeping willows however, while providing the best shade may not be the best choice due to their longer growth time compared to some of the other options.

Landscape companies can help determine the kind of tree that you might want for your outdoor area. At H&H Landscaping, we can personally give you recommendations based on your specific needs.

For any questions about Omaha landscaping, call H&H Landscaping today!

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