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Spring Lawn Fertilizer Service for Omaha, NE

Our premium 6-step fertilizer program begins with a spring fertilizer application that jumpstarts healthy lawn growth for the entire year.

Beginning in March and April, we start our 6-step annual fertilizer process by applying a granular pre-emergent fertilizer to boost healthy grass growth for the warmer months to come. This initial spring fertilizer application helps your lawn awaken from a lawn winter and bring grass out of winter dormancy to jumpstart green-up! We apply only granular fertilizers, never liquids, which allow us to customize each application to the specific needs of a property.

While promoting healthy lawn growth, our pre-emergent spring fertilizer process simultaneously controls and prevents invasive weed growth before it gets out of control. Our spring fertilizer service includes a crabgrass and foxtail preventative as well as other weed control. This is a critical step for year-round lawn health as it is much easier to prevent crabgrass before it emerges than eliminate it after is has taken root in a lawn.

Early Spring Fertilizer Outcomes

  • Jumpstarts spring lawn growth
  • Promotes healthy root development
  • Controls crabgrass and foxtail
  • Prevents broad leaf weeds (where applicable)

The H&H Lawn and Landscape 6-Step Fertilizer Program is available to all clients through the Omaha Metro and Gretna area. New/existing customers: You can receive up to a 5% discount when they sign up and prepay for next year’s 6-Step premium lawn care program before February 28th! Call today to sign-up or learn about our Organic Fertilization Program.

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