Perimeter Pest Control

Bug-Free Living, Year Round

Pest Control Service for Omaha, NE

Our perimeter pest control service begins in the spring and continues through the fall to ensure your home will be bug free year-round in Omaha. We believe that an effective lawn care company doesn’t abandon you after a single visit or leave you guessing whether or not your home has been treated. That’s why, after each pest control application, you’ll find a flag in your yard to give you notice of our visit. In addition to the flag, we will leave an information sheet at your door that explains the pest control process as well as what you can do to promote the best results from our professional lawn fertilizer service. Maintaining your lawn and home in Omaha can be difficult, so our lawn care company works with you to ensure that your lawn looks its absolute best and home is free of pests.

Keep the bugs out and home protected.

If you’re a fertilizer customer with H&H, you get 5% off our Perimeter Pest program. Ask our office.

What to Expect: 5-Step Perimeter Pest Control Program

Our pest control program will stop bugs in their tracks at your Omaha home. Pests are not only an embarrassing problem, they can also bring harmful bacteria into your home. H&H Lawn and Landscape will create a shield around your home or business. The spray is odorless, colorless and will be applied in key areas around your property. Our technician does not enter your home, the spray is applied around the exterior of your home in key locations where pests can enter.

The spray will block insects, such as ants, spiders, crickets, silverfish, cockroaches, beetles, weevils, fleas and tricks from enter your home or business. All applications are performed outside of your home or business and will not harm your plants, grass or soil.


Treatment Areas

Our pest control program is applied in a variety of areas to keep the bugs out and to limit your exposure to pests.


4 feet from the foundation of your home, cracks and crevices

Window wells

Trash storage areas


Outside doorways and windows


Around and underneath when accessible

Gardens & Beds

Landscaping beds

Mulch Areas

Retaining walls

Wood and brick walls



Award Winning Service

H&H Lawn and Landscape has been voted Sarpy county people’s choice the last three years in a row for lawn care and landscaping! You don’t need to worry if we will show up, our company has a pedigree of trust backed by 20 years of experience. We serve communities in both Sarpy and Douglas county. You can trust us at H&H Lawn and Landscape to take care of your lawn and pest control services.