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Lawn Overseeding in Omaha, NE

Overseeding is the practice of sowing seed and fresh soil over areas of existing grass to strengthen and restore your Omaha lawn. Overseeding will help bolster thin areas, fill in bare spots and generally make your lawn look fuller and greener. Overseeding is necessary because over time individual grass blades on your lawn weaken and die, making your Omaha residential lawn more vulnerable to disease, insects and weeds.

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What to Expect:

An ideal time to overseed your lawn is when the soil is warm, the air is cool, and the rainfall frequent. Patches of lawn where more seed is required should be raked before overseeding, to remove dead grass, excessive thatch and loosen the soil. This practice will promote the new seed’s growth by providing additional aeration and drainage for water.

We Only Charge You For The Turf.

Don’t know the size of your lawn? No worries, our lawn care specialists use advanced aerial imagery to map out your property. This allows us to remove driveways, walkways, patios, landscape beds and much more. Then we only focus on your turf.


When is the best time to aerate and/or overseed?

The best time to aerate and overseed your lawn is in the fall, this is because lower soil temperatures mixed with aerating your lawn creates the ideal conditions for the grass seed to germinate.

Why should I not aerate and overseed in the Spring?

Avoid aerating and overseeding in the Spring. This is because Spring is the best time to apply a preemergent fertilizer to the lawn to help prevent weeds germinating. The preemergent fertilizer will also not allow grass seed to germinate. If you do aerate and overseed in the Spring, make sure to use a Spring starter fertilizer to allow the grass seed to germinate. 



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