Fall Lawn Fertilizer

Fall Lawn Fertilizer for Omaha, NE

As summer comes to a close, rejuvenate your lawn and keep our outdoor spaces looking healthy and beautiful!

While summer perennials may be wilting by September, your lawn can stay healthy, green and beautiful well into the beginning of autumn. Our fall lawn fertilizer process focuses on maintaining the vibrant appearance of your yard, while also preparing it for the adjustment into the colder months. In order to do this, we apply a granular fertilizer that is high in phosphorus and potash which work to promote strong root development. By stimulating healthy root growth, this application cultivates a stronger turf and helps your lawn stay green and prevent brown, dry patches after the end of summer.


Fall Fertilizer Outcomes

Enhance turf color and density

Promote strong root development

Spot-spray broadleaf weeds

The H&H Lawn and Landscape 6-Step Fertilizer Program is available to all clients through the Omaha Metro and Gretna area. New/existing customers: You can receive up to a 5% discount when they sign up and prepay for next year’s 6-Step premium lawn care program before February 28th! Call today to sign-up or learn about our Organic Fertilization Program.