Bagworm Treatment

Bagworm Removal in Omaha, NE

Bagworm Treatment and Removal in Omaha, NE

Our sprayer can reach heights of 40 feet!

Our bagworm service begins as soon as you see bagworms living on your bushes or trees. The pests typically move into the Omaha metro area in the summer months.  When your trees or bushes become infected, you will notice cone shaped shells the move and twitch.. These pests will eventually kill your trees and bushes if infected and left untreated due to damaging the plants ability to harvest essential nutrients. The spray our licensed technicians apply is topical and designed to remove the bagworms and to keep them from reattaching to the bush or tree.

H&H Lawn and Landscape

Service Areas for Bagworms

H&H Lawn and Landscape provides bagworm treatment in the following areas:

Omaha, Nebraska
Millard, Nebraska
Elkhorn, Nebraska
Gretna, Nebraska
Bellevue, Nebraska
Springfield, Nebraska
Waterloo, Nebraska

If you require service outside of these areas, our office is more than happy to see if we would be willing to accommodate. Just ask!

What To Expect: Bagworm Removal


Our technician will be out to apply the pesticide application to your trees and bushes within 24 to 48 business hours after accepting the proposal.

Product Drying Time

Please allow one hour for the product to dry before spending time in the treated area.

Post Treatment Follow-Up

You’re allowed one service call per paid application if you don’t notice any noticeable change within 10 days of treatment. Applicable to travel charges if outside of service area.

Notification of Treatment

At H&H Lawn and Landscape we believe that an effective lawn care company doesn’t abandon you after a single visit or leave you guessing whether or not your property has been treated. That’s why, after each application, you’ll find a flag in your yard to give you notice of our visit.



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