Snow Removal

And Ice Control

Snow Removal Service for Omaha, NE

When choosing the right snow removal and ice control contractor to keep your facility operating at it’s best when winter weather bears down on you is paramount. H&H Lawn and Landscape has been providing quality and timely snow removal and ice control services for over 20 years in the Omaha metro area. Our company focuses our snow removal efforts to commercial businesses rather than commercial and residential. This is so our snow crews can provide the best service for our clientele.

H&H Lawn and Landscape is a full-service lawn care, landscaping and snow removal company that has a full-time staff of mechanics that keep our trucks, heavy duty loaders and snow removal accessories in reliable and working operation year-around.

Here When You Need Us

Understanding Your Specific Needs

Prior to a contract being signed or presented, our team will meet with you and walk the property to make sure our crew’s push snow to the right areas, don’t block specific stalls, understand days of the week that you need to be priority to keep your business or organization running. For example, a Church will need priority service Christmas morning or a bank will need priority service on a normal business day. Your business being open during or after a snow storm is our main priority.

You can rest easy knowing H&H has the resources and protocols in place that will allow you to rest easy knowing your facility will be cared for during a snow or ice storm.

How We Can Help:

Snow Plow and Salting

Whether your a property manager or a property owner, we want to understand your snow removal needs and requirements. It’s normal practice for our company, H&H Lawn and Landscape, to develop custom plans for each property so the snow removal and ice control can be effective.

We are looking to service:

  • Corporate office buildings snow removal
  • Hospitals and healthcare offices snow removal
  • Large box stores snow removal
  • Industrial, warehouse and shipping operations snow removal
  • Hotels and apartments snow removal
  • Retail strip malls snow removal




Contact us today to start the conversation to a better winter storm management experience.