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Fall Lawn Fertilizer – Rewrite

Fall colors aren't just oranges and reds. Your lawn can stay green through the fall foliage with the right fertilizer and care.

H&H Lawn & Landscape – Fall Fertilizer

Since 1997, H&H lawn and landscape has been taking care of residential and commercial properties all over the Omaha area. We’ve grown our business and our team over the years, but we’ve stayed true to our mission of complete customer satisfaction, guaranteed. Our reputation is built on the word of mouth of our happy customers. We take pride in every job we’re asked to be a part of. We offer full service lawn and landscape maintenance. From seasonal pruning to weekly mowing and scheduled fertilization, along with a full lineup of hardscaping options. We are able to offer paver patios, fire pits and outdoor living spaces. If you can dream about it being a part of your yard, we can make it a reality! We know how to take care of your landscape and make it the best one in the neighborhood. Let our family give you more quality time with yours. 

Fertilizing during Fall Weather 

Just because your summer flowers are finished with their blooms, doesn’t mean that your lawn has to be finished showing off too. Plant fertilizer can go a long way in beautifying your lawn and gardens while encouraging healthy plant growth. The entire point of hiring professional landscapers is to have your lawn look great all year! We work all year to keep your lawn looking great. So what’s so important about fertilizing in the Fall? 

There are 3 reasons that Fall is the perfect time to fertilize your lawn: 

  1. Fall is the perfect time to support the root growth of your turf so that by the time warm weather starts, your lawn is healthy and strong so it can focus on greening up rather than repair and strengthening. Yes, grass needs to be repaired when not properly cared for.
  2. Fertilizing in the Fall gives your turf a chance to build stamina to get it through the chilly winter months. Nebraska definitely can dish out the cold winter months. Protect your grass throughout the winter with a fall fertilization from H&H.
  3. That beautiful Fall morning dew does a lot to add moisture to your turf. That moisture helps break down the fertilizers that we use so that your lawn can then absorb them.

H&H Lawn & Landscape Fall Fertilizer Process

At H&H, we take all of the seasons seriously, but there is just something special about working in the yard during Fall weather. If it’s not for you or you just don’t have the time, give us the opportunity to show you how great your lawn can be. Our fall fertilization process focuses on maintaining the vibrant appearance of your yard, while also preparing it for the adjustment into the colder months. In order to do this, we apply a granular fertilizer that is high in phosphorus and potash which work to promote strong root development. By stimulating healthy root growth, this application cultivates a stronger turf and helps your lawn stay green and prevent brown, dry patches after the end of summer. 

Fall Lawn Fertilizer Goals

We know at H&H you may not have lawn goals, but we do! It’s not enough to just mow a lawn. We want people to slow down and look at your lawn. We want your neighbors to ask you what in the world you’re doing to get such a beautiful lawn. We really want you to be so happy about your lawn, that you tell everyone you know about our service. We only use the best fall lawn fertilizer along with full year fertilizers that evenly distribute nutrients to your lawn. We’re talking a lot about the importance of Fall Lawn Maintenance but that step is just 1 of our 6 steps of Fertilization. We apply fertilizer and take steps throughout the year to ensure you have a healthy lawn looks great all year. 

Our fertilizer lawn goals are to: 

  • Enhance turf color and density for green grass all year
  • Promote strong root growth and development
  • Spot-spray broadleaf weeds
  • Create beautiful lawns while strengthening your lawn’s roots

Our Full 6-Step Fertilizer Program

The H&H Lawn and Landscape 6-Step Fertilizer Program is guaranteed to leave your lawn green and lush and completely enviable to all who see it. We take the guess work out of “how much fertilizer” when you’re applying yourself. You can keep your lawn healthy all year with our 6-step program. Learn more about this program here: 6-Step Fertilizer Program | H&H Lawn and Fertilizer – Omaha, NE (hhlawns.com)

Our 6 step Premium Lawn Care Progrm includes: 

  • Step 1
    • Apply a heavy rate of granular pre-emergent to help jump start your lawn for spring.
  • Step 2 
    • Apply slow release granular pre-emergent fertilizer to build a barrier against crabgrass and foxtail.
  • Step 3
    • Insecticide and a well balanced fertilizer will be applied to help drive away insects, grubs and sod webworm.
  • Step 4
    • Apply slow release granular nutrient rich fertilizer and broad weed control.
  • Step 5
    • Apply high in phosphorus and potash granular fertilizer to promote root development.
  • Step 6
    • Apply fall and winterizing fertilizing for strong root development for food storage and early spring green-up. 

Special Offer

We offer this program to anyone in the Omaha Metro and Gretna area. New and existing customers: You can receive up to a 5% discount when you sign up and prepay for next year’s 6-Step premium lawn care program before February 28th! Call today to sign-up or learn about our Organic Fertilization Program. While we love this fertilizer program, we do offer lawn maintenance without a fertilizer plan. You don’t have to worry about grass clippings or cleaning up from yard work, we take care of everything! We can even perform a soil test to tell us exactly where we’re starting from. We work with our customers and their budgets! How can we help you get to the lawn you want? 

Contact Us Today

H&H Lawn and Landscape started 25 years ago as a family business between two brothers. We’ve stayed close as a family business and have loved taking care of the families and businesses in our community. We treat every single lawn as if it were our own home. Our business has been built on word of mouth and we couldn’t survive on that if it wasn’t good word of mouth. Our business is all about meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. We are happy to provide you a list of our customers to talk with or drive by to see our work. It’s the right time to have the best results with H&H. We would love to talk with you and make a plan for your landscape to be the best one in your neighborhood! 

You can contact us here: Contact Us | H&H Lawn and Fertilizer – Omaha, NE (hhlawns.com) or call 402-916-9500.