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Commercial Lawn Fertilizer Service for Omaha, NE

Our lawn fertilizer service begins in spring and continues through the fall to ensure your lawn will continue to thrive year-round in the brutal Omaha climate. We believe that an effective fertilizer company doesn’t abandon you after a single visit or leave you guessing whether or not your lawn has been fertilized. That’s why, after each lawn fertilizer application, you’ll find a flag in your yard to give you notice of our visit. In addition to the flag, we will leave an information sheet at your door that explains the fertilizer process as well as what you can do to promote the best results from our professional lawn fertilizer service. Maintaining a lawn in Omaha can be difficult, so our fertilizer service works with you to ensure that your lawn looks its absolute best.

Commercial Lawn Fertilizer Company

Organic fertilizer is the latest trend in providing nutrients to bring your yard back to life after the winter months. Fertilizing your lawn is one of the most important things you need to do in order to maintain a healthy yard. Lawn fertilizer not only improves soil and grass nutrition, it also benefits soil microbes that attack pests and kill diseases. Organic fertilizer gives you a cost-effective solution to improve the overall health of your lawn. Protect your lawn and get it fertilized come early spring! Get to know the importance of fertilizing and organic fertilizing with H & H Lawn and Landscaping fertilizing services.

What to Expect:

6 Step Premium Lawn Care Program

    • March-April | Apply a heavy rate of granular pre-emergent fertilizer to help jump start lawn and control crabgrass and foxtail. Broad leaf weed control if needed.
    • May-June | A second application of slow release granular pre-emergent fertilizer to ensure a good barrier against crabgrass and foxtail. Broad leaf weed control if needed.
    • June-July | Apply a top quality insecticide plus a well-balanced fertilizer to help control white grubs and sod webworm. NE state sales applies. Broadleaf control if needed.
    • July-August | Apply slow release granular nutrient rich fertilizer. Apple broadleaf weed control.
    • September | Apple granular fertilizer high in phosphorus and potash for strong root development. Apply broadleaf weed control if needed.
    • October-November | Apply fall/winterizing fertilizer for strong root development food storage for winter and early spring green-up.

Worry-Free Lawn Fertilizer Service

With H & H Lawn and Landscape, you can rest easing knowing you’re receiving the best lawn fertilizer for your commercial property and that we’re just a phone call away if you have any questions or special requests. We love to listen to your particular ideas, wants, and needs in order to incorporate them into your professional lawn care service and/or landscape design. We also offer an organic fertilizer program that is 100% safe for employees, wildlife, and for the environment. Our job is to make your businesses’ yard feel as warm and inviting as the inside of your Omaha home.

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