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Commercial Snow Removal

At H & H Lawns, we provide timely and efficient commercial snow removal services for commercial spaces in the Omaha metro area. We understand how important snow removal is for your business or office space, so we ensure our snow removal services are fast, timely, and quality. Our snow plowing and ice control services make sure your business is accessible and safe as quickly as possible.

After a snow or ice storm, your accessibility to your property is limited and unsafe. Not only will customers, guests, and employees not have access, but it also creates a huge safety hazard. Getting the proper commercial snow removal services will have you feeling relieved knowing your business is being taken care of. H & H Lawns has served the Omaha metro area for over 20 years, providing excellent snow removal and ice control services to our clients. We provide our experts with the highest quality snow removal machinery and tools, so we can ensure fast, safe, and timely snow plowing and road salting services. Our snow removal accessories are built for efficiency and quality, so you can fully trust that after every snowstorm, your business will be accessible the very next day.

Meeting Your Winter Snow Removal Needs

Before signing any contracts, our snow removal experts come out to your property to discuss your commercial snow removal and ice control needs. Every business needs their snow and ice removed differently in order to not block entrances, parking spaces, stalls, and more. We will discuss your business’ busiest days, ensuring that we give you priority on the days you need. For example, a Church may get first priority for early morning snow removal on Christmas Eve, while a Bank may get priority on a weekday. After our consultation, we will have all the information we need to prepare for our first snow removal service on your property!

If you’re looking for reliable snow removal services in the Omaha metro area, contact H & H today!

Snow Removal Services

Our snow removal, snow plowing, and salting services are individualized to your specific business’ needs. Every business, industry, location, and building type has personalized requirements in order to provide the most efficient and timely snow removal service. H & H Lawns will develop customized plans and cater an excellent winter snow removal experience for your property.

Industries Served

  • Corporate office buildings
  • Hospitals and healthcare offices
  • Large container stores
  • Warehouse and shipping operations
  • Hotels and apartments
  • Retail strip malls
  • And more…


Contact H&H Lawn and Landscaping today to schedule a consultation on your personalized winter storm management plan!