Benefits of Mulch

January 21, 2022

At H&H Landscaping, we know there’s a lot more to a beautiful lawn than just grass. We love creating outdoor living spaces that invite your friends and family to enjoy nature and the great outdoors with you. One of the easiest ways to add depth and tone to a beautiful landscape is a fresh layer of mulch. We can help you with a delivery of mulch to your home or business as well as complete your mulch installation, so you don’t even have to get your hands dirty! While fresh mulch is visually appealing, it also comes with a ton of benefits for your plants and landscape. 

The overall benefits of a good mulch layer are infinite for your plants. A good Omaha mulch can insulate your plants from our harsh weather. Mulch can also help to conserve water and moisture around your plants during hot summers. A thick mulch layer can prevent weeds from growing as quickly…it won’t completely stop them, but it definitely slows their growth and speed. One of the best reasons to have a good layer of mulch is to keep the soil, especially if you buy a good garden soil, around your plants. Mulch will help keep the soil from eroding away from your plants, therefore keeping helpful nutrients near your plant roots. 

The biggest question around mulch is, “How much do I need?” We can send a member of our team to give you a free quote based on your landscaping needs. Give us a call to see how easy we can make it to refresh your yard and feed your plants! We love working with our Omaha neighbors and even parts of Southwest Iowa. Your satisfaction is our biggest goal. We want you to be able to brag about our work and how easy we make lawn maintenance for you. Give us a call today! We look forward to working with you. 


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